Outsourcing Through Freelancers

One of the buzz phrases of the moment is the ‘gig economy’. There is no doubt that small businesses get to a point where they struggle because they need staff to grow their business, but cannot afford to immediately take on a whole raft of employees to maintain their blog pages for example.

One cost effective way to get over this hurdle is to outsource freelancers. There are plenty of freelancers out there in a local business environment, and it is often through word of mouth that you can find them.

But, there are various sites online that will take the stress out of the whole process. Some sites take on specific freelancers for a specific job – content writing, proof reading or editing, for example. But what if you needed something specific like a graphic designer?

Well, this is possible too these days because there are various sites that will allow people who join up to list themselves, their skills set and the prices that they will ask for specific jobs on a database. That way, a business owner can search for the specific skill and look at what comes up in the results. The platforms will usually display a rating that the contractor in question has been given for completing other jobs and it will also display the prices that are asked for.

Terms of the job will vary, but most of the time, you will not be expected to pay upfront and will only be asked to do so once the job in question has been reviewed and certified to be up to the required standard.

Some people worry that freelancers do not have the dedication that a full-time employee has, but the reality is that the world is changing and freelancers need to provide great service and quality if they are to compete in the gig economy.

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