Getting The Most Out of Social Media

Online business presence means everything these days, but a website alone is not enough to stay ahead of the pack and be competitive.

To do so, you must fully integrate your business across all social media platforms and the best thing about all this is that it is free and quite simple to do. All the major social media platforms nowadays offer a business option, where you can link everything to your site and let the posts do the work for you.

You can even use free software to link up all your accounts and schedule posts to go out at a particular time, with a uniform post description linking to your site, or the material you want to push. Some examples of this software include Zoho and Buffer. These pieces of software link to all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in and Google Plus.


This one is the obvious choice to reach as many people as possible. This platform offers the opportunity to set up a page which will link to your business. You will be able to display a map so people know where you are, your business address, phone number and of course, as many posts as you like.


This platform works a bit differently and is more suited to businesses that have great visual merchandise. You need to get people to follow you, but if you get the hashtags right, you can tag whatever is trending at the time and amass plenty of likes and followers


Short and sweet. Just a sentence or two here and link to whatever you want to advertise should be enough. You can also tag or mention people in your posts.

Linked In

Not to be overlooked. This social media network has more of a professional feel, but it is good to network, especially with peer businesses.

Google Plus

This platform is more for techies. But with the way the internet is evolving with one single Google login for everything, it is still worth setting up.

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