Five Ways to Make Your Office More Productive

Productivity is one of the most important aspects of any business, although quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of numbers.

One of the best ways to keep your business’ productivity going strong is to make sure that your employees are kept happy. A happy worker is a productive worker and you would be surprised at how much different little things can make to an office or even factory life.

Stand-up desk terminals

Sitting in an office chair all day will inevitably lead to developing back problems further down the line. That is why the stand-up desk array was invented. It normally features a computer monitor that you can plug into, as well as space for a landline phone, headset and mouse pad. If you want to invest even further, you can purchase exo-skeleton chairs that employees can use to stand or sit as they please.

Office decor

There is nothing worse to stifle productivity than a drab office or working space. All you need to do is paint the walls in a bright colour and soften the lighting a little and you will be well on your way. Plants and a few pictures also help make the place a little homier.


This one is more for factory floors or warehouses, but allowing employees to listen to some music while they work will definitely make them happier. After all, why do you think that department stores have their own in-house radio programmes.

Employee of the month

Even if you offer something simple, like cinema tickets for two or a voucher at a sports store, recognising employee performance goes a long way in making them feel valued.

Casual Fridays

Show your staff that you know the weekend is coming and that you want to help them unwind for it by having regular dress down Fridays. Studies have shown that productivity on the slowest day of the week shoots up when employees are allowed to dress down.

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