Behind The Meter Storage

You might have heard that Elon Musk’s tech giant company is planning to build the world’s largest lithium ion battery in Australia.

The concept is simple enough, the giga-battery will be built next to a wind farm and it will store electricity to be sold onto the South Australian grid and to store a reserve of energy to ensure that the state does not experience blackouts in times of overload.

But how does that translate to behind the meter storage solutions? The answer is simple. If you have solar panel generators, your options are to either use what is generated on the spot, or sell it back into the grid or to other homes and businesses if you are generating more than you need at the time.

But what if you were barely home all day and just needed to power a fridge? Because the sun obviously sets at night, your generation at night, when you are using your television, electric cooker and other appliances, will be zero.

So what if you could store all the energy you generated throughout the day to use at night? The answer to that is: You can!

All you need is a smart battery that can store the power which you have generated throughout the day to then use at your convenience.

A battery is what it is, it can store a certain amount of energy and it must be discharged at some point. The key to the system is getting a battery that has enough storage capacity to get you through the evening when your demand is likely to be the highest. There are also half-way solutions in terms of coupling a battery to PVs and the electricity network, meaning that you can automatically switch from one system to the other. You can even buy energy at off-peak times to store in the batteries to use at peak-price time to save money.

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