The digital world has completely changed the way that we do go about our personal lives as well as the way we do business.

Progress turns the wheels of the economy and encourages us to become more productive and spend more. But the problem is that you can often get left behind in this rat race. That is why we bring you a range of creative solutions to problems that businesses are facing in the modern world today.

We dedicate one section to alternative energy source generation that you can set up on your business premises to soften the blow of ever increasing energy costs. We also set up a page to further guide you in storing that energy or selling it back into the grid through behind the meter storage solutions.

Costs are mounting in every sector, but this has given rise to an opportunity for businesses and freelancers alike in terms of the gig economy which we also explain in detail in another of the sections on this website.

You will also find useful information about cloud-based accountancy and payroll software that you can use anywhere at any time, provided that you have an internet connection.

We also talk about downtime and having the odd flutter. If you can’t get to a brick and mortar casino, then one creative solution is to simply log in on a mobile device and place a bet or play live table games. This website will give you some of the best business and life hacks to keep you ahead in the game today.